ملا علی آخوند


Dashti Martyrs city - Bushehr, Iran

Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi
1957 near the shrine of Hussein bin Ali (AS) A child's first foot on the soil and puts a picture in his beautiful eyes closed roles, SM golden dome was Alshhda’. MH father puts his name and under his Islamic education will grow. Father: Hussein Sheikh: plain residents: Bushehr: guys who intend to go to the nearby Karbala had migrated. Mohammad Hassan later during childhood and went to school during high school tragedy mentioned household (AS) began on the pulpit. With the end surface neighborly grand ayatollahs in Tabriz, Gorgan Alavi and Vahid Khorasani diploma and degree 5 years of classical lessons and spent by the Fiqh of Imam Ayatollah Khamenei Mmm Verse was able after a while his bachelor degree in law between International receive. Ebrahimi English and Spanish and Arabic languages and was fluent in French, German, and much needs were met. So that the school Hojjatiyeh Complex, Shaheed Beheshti University and Seminary schools how Mkamlh Arabic and English, taught to seminarians.

Him in 1990 to promote Islam and emigrated to the Bushehr since 1996 in cooperation with the organization paying schools overseas. Legal responsibility for a while, then the global center bits (AS) accepted. His presence in the Caribbean (Suriname, Guyana and Trynydadvtvbagv) and Arab countries led, many of the people to be aware of the truth Amyrmvmnan province. Ebrahimi 2002 for two years the country went to Guyana in South America, and despite the problems and special conditions of the country towards actively managing served College of Islamic Studies. Hjh Haj Sheikh Mehdi al-Islam Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi Friday Georgetown: Guyana's capital: on the fourteenth day of March 2004 at age 37 in front of the college where his teaching was kidnapped and 34 days later: May 17: Figures with hands through his blood Which was closed while many suffered torture in a 46 km hole found in Georgetown. Bodies removed him buried in Qom. He called a child of Fatima to Yadegar remains. Tlayyh Fk·h and Shalamcheh and is the only way to achieve martyrdom. To quote the heart of Hazrat Agha should be smooth. If Dell were flat, thousands of kilometers Nsvtr testimony, expected in South America takes worthy man.


Sayed Abdullah Rokni

Student Shahid, "Sayed Abdullah Rokni» On 16/03/1970 at clergy and pious family in the village "Bhyry" was born in Bushehr province.
He was the sixth and last child in the family. Martyr's father about a child named Shhydsh explains: "my name is the name Jdm Abdulmutallab Abdulmutallab and youngest child of Hazrat Imam Abdullah Abdulmutallab time ... Is called, since this was my child, Shahid last, so he "Sayed Abdullah" Nhadm name. "Childhood throughout the signs there Nikbakht blessed Martyr "Sydbdallh Rokni" was evident every day that was bigger, the more signs there be light Mbarksh afterwards. Sadat is the spiritual father and a Htram region and Mrdmdary piety and integrity and is known for. So Shaheed "Sydbdallh in lap paternal and maternal great and noble and righteous Paksyrt of clean Slalh Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were cultivated from the infancy, the best dressed man was excellent traits. The Shahid Saeed, the Holy Quran and good dimensional worthy in the sight of his father learned. Welcome and melodious voice that had circles and parties had to recite the Koran; while reading the Quran during his morning habits Rvzmrh. Shahid, "Sayed Abdullah" once in childhood with his father and the holy pilgrimage to Mashhad Samnalhjj Hazrat Imam Ali bin Mvsyalrza (AS) was achieved. The Martyr at the age of six years and entered school in 1976, "Shafiq Shahriari" village "Bhyry" First was the primary basis with all the success and the average body behind 23/19. Second year of primary school in 1986-1987 academic year and average 24/16 years later and the third year in the 1979-1980 academic year marks the exalted 4 / 19 spend. Remaining two years of primary education, ie the fourth and fifth grades in the years 1979 and 1980 respectively, and successfully Mdlhay spent 13/15 and 45/14.
Into schools in 1981, "Bliss" was Bhyry village in 1985 during the academic year 1986 guidance S·hsalh education course to finish voted. It is necessary to guide the School in 1982 mentioned the "prosperity" to "Shahid Myrbhzad Shahriari" name was changed. In 1986, for continued education in high school, went to high school Khormonj Abuzar Ghaffari in the city field was studying humanities. Their education beyond high school from first grade and then went, the presence of salt in front of the Shaheed unto all their manufacturing there. Despite his age and low, small frame, with the observation of different strata of the Ummah passion Hzba ... The right to participate in the battle against the false fronts, stubbornly eager were dispatched to the front, so many times Khormonj Corps rushed to mobilize and deploy every time the authorities wanted to urge him along with the other Muslim soldiers should deploy to the front, but in any times due to the small quantity and age Qyafh, Khvasth against him were refused. So finally with the Governors urge and beg his father was satisfied with the administrators to deploy them to go and convince Azamsh front. Apparently the first time that Mr. Haj Seyed Abdulmutallab to mobilize and deploy Khormonj will see his son Shahid Sayed Abdullah ... Shall apply to them, reasons that it was said, asked them agreed and thus does not cover this topic Shahid is very sad; to Frt Because of the discomfort, says: "If both sides come to North Bhyry other Nmyrvm" but father time will refer to mobilize other administrators, and finally sent to the dispatch will satisfy "Sydbdallh" to agree to the front. Shahid Rokni training for acquisition front, first to "late" is deployed. Later On 16/10/1986 to 07/01/1987 in training camp Shahid "Sadoughi" area a "Noah (AS)" located in the area, "Bushehr" Training Seventeen days and finds its way to the front and will be implemented in one of Grdanhay Navtyp 13 menin (AS) as the RPG women are engaged in defense of religion Vkshvr. He remained in front for 79 days and goes back home to Furl 10/04/1987. Eight months after the second and last time in front Furl 27.01.1988 is sent again Infantry Battalion Navtyp menin (AS) and the time to serve as Frmandh categories explored. After the mission, it still remains voluntary in front and gives the company seven operations Jerusalem.
In operation during a single enemy determined to restore island insane, the arm region and the target will be hit by July After fellow Chfyh tie with his arm, trying to catch up with all their power to bring back the front line, but at the same during and at Road Crossing Qmrbny Hashem (pbuh), once again hit by enemy Khmparh wound and thereby placed on 04/04/1989 Mvrkhh testimony seems innocent and pure and configuration Mthrsh years where he remains until after more than seven years, focus groups of martyrs by plate number 362-055-k is the discovery and identification; while the left foot except the bones, and two socks match, other works instead of Shahid Aziz had left. Day after the ceremony Saturday, 11/07/1995 glorious Martyr to the Martyrs "Bhyry" is Funeral and is buried there.

 Mir Behzad Shahriari  

Name: Mir B. Shahriari
Father's Name: Mohamed Taher
Date of Birth: Friday, January 17, 1954
Hometown: Khormonj
Testimony at age: 27 years
Education: BA, seminary
Specialty: Jurisprudence and Islamic principles
Mbazaty experience: holding rallies against the regime, against idolatrous, distribute leaflets in barracks Imam, the most massive organizing anti-regime demonstrations in the city Khormonj, combat intellectual currents deflected and hypocrite
Tshkylaty work: membership in the Islamic Republic Party
Responsibilities: Secretary Khormonj city high school, management committee of the Islamic Revolution, Islamic Revolutionary Housing Foundation, the Representative Assembly Rudbar, commissioner of agriculture and rural Tehran and Sunni parliamentary executive secretary
Birth to young
Seyed Myrbhzad Shahriari seventeenth of January 1954 in the village Bhyry city functions Khormonj was born in Bushehr. His father Mohammad Tahir Shafiq Shahriari Mtkhls of the militant clerics were committed and the history of his struggle Reza Khan will return to dictatorship. The same history of struggle led him to his native city, where in addition to the return of scientific research and religious and legal issues also paid to agriculture. All in Bushehr province Mohammad Tahir Shahriari (Shafiq) and the ancients knew, continuing his fight against the unveiling Rezakhani remembers. Shahriari springtime in the sixth, the Quran and the father learned person named Ghulam Sheikh Pilgrim House and the celebration was held the same occasion.
Then encourage parents to primary education began in Rudbar and high school diploma at Bushehr will receive. During the study one of the students were excellent and what more than all the students in the school literature series, Myrbhzad separated from others making, literature, and Islamic ethics and she was so admired. During his high school literary study in the field, scholars of the field presence was also of interest. Her adolescence in the same speech and deeds, such as men with experience and it will also be treated through exercise and practice was his family and the dedication of Shaheed push. Moral of the conditioned Myrbhzad in adolescence and young, he would surely appreciate the generosity and the generosity and spirit will keep them until martyrdom.
I. Asadi, his teacher about such Myrbhzad Shahriari says: "I understand he recently had the honor of a teacher and high school educational system in the first period, he was secretary of the literature. Of the teenager, some spark of hope shining in her eyes, as reflected in the classroom, spiritual atmosphere was created ... What he said and act in a loyal friend and it was Payandan he obvious evidence of this tradition Nabavi (PBUH) which stated: "Ali Almvmn Alvfa’ Yjb Balmvayd Fyha Valsdq.", "Is obligatory on the Muslim faithful to his covenant does it honestly and to act. "
In seniors, was introduced as a scholar and in 1972 participated in the entrance, and a degree in Islamic Theology (Islamic Law Jurisprudence and foundations) and the accepted way of Mashhad University of Shahid land of God was Tus. Mashhad in addition to acquiring knowledge in the university, the seminary faculty mentor, including Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei (Mdzlh Alaly) interest and it was making life John inoculation. In 1977 after graduation academic scholars of Qom to recommend military service was dispatched because the period needed to force the body into believing they became military officers and Shah Pahlavi, fire, and noncommissioned soldiers with revolutionary and Islamic values familiar do.
Shahriari Myrbhzad Shahid expressed warm heat of the plain land had learned. Like his father had a passion for poetry, and when it came before a meeting, to read the sonnets and pay Qaside

Dignity and self avoiding Shahid obvious feature
Myrbhzad since childhood, the strength of Islamic behavior and manners had so admired. He had a look at the influential and expressive verbal. Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi Zadeh's Shahid Shahid about this feature makes these quotes:
"... Although several age classes, but morale was higher than Myrbhzad respect and courtesy, he led the investment that people feel gravity forces him to feel good. "
Asadi I. Teacher Teacher Recognition Shahid more Myrbhzad Sire said: "He pretends to show off and away and did not know what that was asked with great respect and ask them to count, not fault."
Shahryar Shahid trench fighting and revolution
When the Pahlavi regime in the shadow of torture and repression Joe, some people were silent Myrbhzad loan due Shahriari familiar with the clergy, especially during the years that the seminaries of Mashhad drink fountain of knowledge was clear, hatred and disgust towards his king and announced his mercenaries.
Was created inside revolutionary / saddle Nmt cut from the heart Darfany
His campaign knew that the great goal in the light of Islamic thought had been achieved. When dressed in military service had to tone, without any fear of a garrison in the pay disclosures against the regime.
Peak measured with the movement of Imam Khomeini (RA), an important factor in the declaration and distribution of messages he was in the barracks after Imam Khomeini decree, upon the withdrawal of the garrison troops of his command Vmqtday Imam will follow.
He then returned to his hometown glory first march with the people, and organizing against the regime held.
Soon her home soon from the House of childhood adversity mentioned Hazrat Hossein Hussein (AS), was held to focus the campaign against Pahlavi was converted. During the fight, he was brave and Ghyrtmnd never consider their interests were not.
22 February, rebirth, "Bahr Bhyry"
Shahriari Myrbhzad Mvanst that due to people and trying to regional prosperity, in acting right from the native people "in Bhyry Sea" was named after the Islamic revolution had been quiet for glory and manifesting your goals and the Imam Moqtada zeal intervention.
In March 1979 he as Secretary of Education Khormonj, walk to school entrenched institutions and safeguarding of Iran's Islamic youth against anti-Islamic lines and diversion risk, put their agenda and spraying them to attract students and thoughts Youth prevented. He started work with the Islamic Republic Party member of the party's income and an effective role in the formation of the party's office was in Bushehr.
Shahriari Myrbhzad presence in the trenches Statehouse
Raising the issues with the Assembly elections, with the approval and clerics insist the area was nominated for Parliament as representative Rudbar found the way home to the nation and members of the House Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development respectively.
In the first period of opening the third Assembly in the Persian date Khordad 1981 AH. SB, as Secretary Board of Administrators of age was selected.
After progression to first parliament, all his efforts to serve disadvantaged people in the region and Rudbar Bushehr in the idolatrous regimes were no Mehri, was busy sending various reports and follow up diligently, calling demands legitimate clients his electorate was.
Because he had a passion for the clergy as one of the companions of the martyrs, Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti and Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, was recognized and attended their meetings.
During the present government's support and advocate in the House of Shahid Rajaee people in May in 1360 was invited to Shahid Rajaee Bushehr, and the failure of existing problems in the province to be reported ideological president.
His impeachment of Bani Sadr and those in your lecture plan inadequate political Bani Sadr began with the following lyrics:
Not everyone can be a Muslim was alive he said that Salman was
Kz Baydsh Salman was the first Muslim Ng·h
Badakhshan is not every stone can say Llsh
Living blood to the liver should Lal was Badakhshan
Jamal Joseph R.'ve not unjust to his cocksure Hassan
Yousefi traits must Canaan until you were
He addressed the Parliament stronghold grouplet and individuals are counter-revolutionary said: "... [Enemies] must know that the House of Representatives and the noble nation of Iran and the militant influence opinion [malicious] will not be ... And with all power and conspiring against the inhuman plans they will stand. "
His desperate tricks to pull enemies to understand the system and he said: "... We subject ourselves to being "created and toddle like shit Latnh Arlyk Aza Flt huge" break ... Responsibilities of the brothers organs and institutions are revolutionary Please understand that this may mean people have thrust and aim to destroy Islamic holy ideals and our goals they want to insult the Islamic holy let him do it ... "
He also in his speech to those who were trying to economic system built to hurt people and government of such expressed: "... Mhtkryn sensitive in this situation must stop this evil and inhuman act to take, we need unity now and we are in need of organization. We all must go hand in hand with each other and give the original Islamic Revolution we conduct ourselves, and if available Mhtkryn Brndarnd themselves from indecency should be waiting for severe punishment. "
He eagerly central council meetings that the days of the Islamic Republic Party, was considered hypocrites abuse, and attended along with other decisions binding nature of their revolutionary allies at loggerheads.
If death is the interview with my man Ay
Up tight in his arms tight Bgyrm
I have him immortal Johnny Stanm
He takes Zmn Dlqy paint colors
Shahriari Myrbhzad central council meeting in the Islamic Republic Party th June 1981 was held in Tehran in shambles participated source and configuration torn over the table and sat Jdsh Prophet came to meet God.
Shahriari Myrbhzad configuration with dignity and respect in the history of unutterable Bushehr low record was transferred to his native village near the shrine Bhyry educated and accomplished his father was buried. Following testimony Myrbhzad Shahriari people of this land for forty days, the black flag over the town homes and villages in his electorate took to waving his interest for the protection and sanctity of the blood of martyrs to the emergence of the field completed.
Shahid Shahriari the right way
Took the testimony of the companions Sbq
Ayatollah Hassan Khlqsh grace and perfection
Z manifestation of piety and glory wash
Welcome to testify she was seeking, entrepreneurs
When happiness is higher than the
Shahid Myrbhzad of two sons, namely MM Shahriari (1975) and MH (1976) remains to Yadegar.
Shahid personality characteristics and moral
Bound by tradition Slh uterus
Active political participation Drayyn Ebadi Friday Prayers
Premium full of intelligence and talent
Nature of poetry and Persian culture interest
Shohreh to piety and piety
Bits from the family distracted infallibility and purity (as)
Necessary and desirable to do
Full attention to the needs of people

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